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Bathroom Remodeling Services


Bathroom Renovations Ottawa

Are you dissatisfied with your master bathroom's appearance? Our remodeling and renovation service can enhance any bathroom in your home. Contact Amitaf Construction Solution's home improvement experts today to take the first step toward creating the home you've always wanted!

Our range of bathroom services includes various upgrades and transformations such as:

  • Upgrading your bathroom with new vanity units

  • Installing fresh tile flooring

  • Replacing your old shower door with a new one

  • Upgrading your bathroom with new fittings

  • Installing modern light fixtures in your bathroom

Whether you're planning a full bathroom renovation or just some simple updates to improve the appearance, our professionals will help you achieve your bathroom goals.

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Common Bathroom Improvements

No matter how limited you think your small bathroom may be, our home improvement professionals can provide you with a range of design options that will make the most of your space. Together, we can create a bathroom that you'll love. Here are some common bathroom updates that Amitaf can assist you with, regardless of the size of your bathroom.


  • Tub installation - A bathtub can provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience while also enhancing the overall look and feel of a bathroom.

  • Medicine cabinets – Are you running out of storage space in your bathroom? A medicine cabinet is a practical and stylish solution. It can add extra character to your bathroom while providing you with the additional storage you need.


  • Enhanced bathroom lighting - Instead of harsh, bright lights that can be disruptive at night, we can install softer lighting options that promote relaxation and tranquility in your space.

  • Upgrade fixtures - Old and outdated fixtures can make your bathroom look dull and unappealing, while new and stylish fixtures can enhance its overall appearance, giving your bathroom a fresh and modern look while also improving its functionality. A new faucet, shower head, or other fixtures can also improve the efficiency of your bathroom, making it more convenient and comfortable to use. Updating your bathroom fixtures can be a simple and affordable way to revitalize your bathroom and increase the value of your home.

These are only some of the options available to you. If you have a different idea in mind, feel free to ask us about it. Our team will help you choose the best options.

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Renovate your Bathroom Now 

What Our Client's Say


“Ahmed and his team were hired by Tamarack Homes to make a roof repair which was on the warranty....It was a big job and they finished it very quickly (in less than a week) with quality. It was challenging because of the weather and the COVID situation"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of work is required for a bathroom renovation?

A bathroom renovation typically involves updating or completely redoing the design, functionality, and look and feel of a bathroom. This can include changing the layout by relocating fixtures such as the sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub to improve the flow of the space, as well as upgrading fixtures like faucets, showerheads, toilets, or tubs. Installing new flooring such as tiles, vinyl, or hardwood, adding or updating lighting with new fixtures, recessed lighting, or replacing old ones, and painting or wallpapering with fresh colors can also be a part of a bathroom renovation. Installing storage solutions such as cabinets, shelves, or other organizers, and updating the ventilation system with a new fan or vent to improve air quality and reduce humidity are other aspects of a bathroom renovation. The scope of a bathroom renovation can vary depending on the desired outcome and budget.

How long should I expect the bathroom renovation to take?

On average, a bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for a minor update to 6-8 weeks for a major overhaul. To give you an accurate estimate we offer free consultation. Call us at (613) 600 - 0276 or Send us a message.

Can you help with the design of my bathroom renovation?

Yes, we offer design services as part of our bathroom renovation packages. Our designers can help you create a customized design.

How do I get started with a bathroom renovation?

To start your bathroom renovation, schedule a consultation with our team. We'll discuss your needs and goals for the project, provide you with an estimate, and work with you to create a customized plan

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