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Home Additions Ottawa


Need Extra Space?

As families grow and lifestyles change, a once-ideal home might start to feel limiting and old-fashioned. Older homes can have tight kitchens, poor natural light, not enough storage, and too little space for growing families. Homeowners facing these challenges usually have two choices: move or renovate. Moving can be stressful and might require leaving a cherished location, making a carefully planned home addition  a more suitable solution or a better option

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Home Additions and Upgrades in Ottawa

Personalized additions can change your home's layout and function, creating a space that meets your needs in terms of design, style, and practicality. As an addition builder in Ottawa, we offer home addition services, including second-floor additions, basement makeovers, sunrooms, kitchens, and multi-room expansions. Personalized home additions can change your home's layout and function, creating a space that meets your needs in terms of design, style, and practicality. 

We foster a collaborative partnership with our clients to plan and carry out home additions tailored to each homeowner's unique situation. We offer free consultations to discuss project ideas and expectations, making sure every detail of the addition matches the desired outcome. 

Flexible Home Expansion Solutions

The home additions service that we provide can be adjusted to suit various needs and tastes. For growing families, we can create second-floor additions and dormer expansions to add extra bedrooms or a nursery upstairs. We can also expand or repurpose garages to accommodate more vehicles or storage.

Harmonious Integration of House Extension

Amitaf Addition Builders and Designers guarantee a flawless integration of your home addition with your current architectural design. By meticulously assessing design elements, materials, and finishes, we ensure a cohesive and visually appealing combination that enhances your home's overall aesthetic. 

Get Started on Your Home Addition Journey

If you're ready to expand your home in Ottawa, ON, Amitaf  is here to help. Call us today at +16136000276 or send a contact form to schedule a consultation and discuss your home addition project.

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Home Addition Office in Ottawa, ON.jpg

Home Office Addition

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Added Room

Sunroom - solarium.jpg

Sunroom/Solarium Addition

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